Calumet Tornado

06/06/2011 - 5:50am

We want to extend our condolences, thoughts and concern to all those who lost life and property in the recent tornados. As you may know, Calumet, which is west of El Reno, was hit hard and two young people lost their lives on I40 near there. A rig hand in the area suffered critical injuries as well. Our prayers are with those families specifically and with all others affected as well.

Those familiar with this area will know the name of Calumet Industries on old Route 66, a long-time fixture of the community and friend of Viking. Their business was severely damaged, though I’m sure that Roger and his team will soon be serving our community again. The Devon plant was also damaged and we’ve been privileged to partner with them in providing supplies to bring the plant back on-line. We’ve also been honored to help Kenny and the men of LuGreg Trucking get the rigs rolling and serving their customers.

We encourage everyone to help your friends and neighbors in the way that’s a best fit for you. Oklahomans are well known for an unwavering spirit that won’t be defeated by disasters, man-made or natural. We applaud all public officers and private individuals who have played a role in healing these affected people, businesses and communities.

Our focus at Viking Pipe is to walk along-side our customers and assist you in your business, whatever shape that may take. We’ve been called upon to find and deliver non-stock items but long-term customers know that’s where we excel. Joe came out and opened the store last Saturday to take care of our customers. That’s the Viking difference – customer service without equal.