Services & Products

Stuffing box packing rubbers, Dry & liquid Filled Gauges, Hand tools, Instrumentation tubing & fittings, Hand cleaners, Oil and Lubricants, Soap sticks, Tank bottom & Solvents, Safety glasses, Hard hats, V-belts & Power bands, Spark plugs, Altronic coils, Plug wires and Hoses.

Sizes Ranging from ¼” to 4”

Standard Black Mallable, Forge Steel Extra Heavy, Hammer unions (Fig 100-1502), Swages & Bull plugs, 8-RD Tubing Fittings & Nipples, Standard, Extra Heavy and Double Extra Heavy Nipples.

Standard, Extra Heavy and Double Extra Heavy, Weld flanges, API flanges, Ring gaskets, Stud bolts, Thread-O-let, Foam Criss cross and Magnum Turbo Pigs, Boots, SDR Flanges & Fittings, Pipe insulators, Pipe primers and Tape.

SCH 40/80/160/Double/Triple Line pipe, Threaded & Collar Line Pipe, Fusion Bond Epoxy Coated, SDR Poly Pipe, Stainless Steel, Tested & Drifted Tubing J-55 & N-80.

Ball Valves, Check, Vent Valves, Kimray Equipment Valves, Chokes, Back Pressure, Gate, Regulators, Strainers, Flanged Lever & Gear op.

Gas operated and Solar powered Chemical pumps, Absorbent Pads and Booms, Spill Kits, Multi purpose Absorbents, Triplex and Gas powered Circulating Pumps.

Steel and Fiberglass tanks, Heater Treater, Vertical Separators, Production Units, Line Heaters, Meter Runs.

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