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Your interest in Viking Pipe and Supply, LLC is important to us. Our mission is to become your supply partner by providing all your Oil & Gas energy needs by offering excellent customer service, knowledge of the various products available, trust and respect.

About Viking Pipe & Supply

Pipe and Valves

SCH 40/80/160/Double/Triple Line pipe
Threaded & Collar Line Pipe
Fusion Bond Epoxy Coated
SDR Poly Pipe
Stainless Steel
Tested & Drifted Tubing J-55 & N-80.

More Pipe and Valves

Pumper Supplies

Stuffing box packing rubbers
Dry & liquid Filled Gauges
Hand tools
Instrumentation tubing & fittings
Hand cleaners, Safety glasses, Hard hats,
Oil and Lubricants
Soap sticks
Tank Bottom & Solvents and More.

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Environmental Supplies

Gas operated and Solar powered Chemical pumps
Absorbent Pads and Booms
Spill Kits
Multi purpose Absorbents
Triplex and Gas Powered Circulating Pumps

More Environmental Supplies


Steel and Fiberglass tanks
Heater Treater
Vertical Separators
Production Units
Line Heaters
Meter Runs

More Equipment

Energy Complex


As the calendar is quickly rolling towards January 1st, the Viking staff would like to ask: "Where has the time gone?"

They say that time flies when you're having a good time and that must be what has happened to this year. Our customers and vendors have made this year magical for us. Thank you.

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Not only do we provide comprehensive solutions for Oil & Gas, we also partner with some of the most prominent companies in the industry.
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