We have excited news for you!  Social media has changed the way people communicate and we realize that it is an increasingly important tool for our business.  Social media allows us to have direct communication with our most valuable assets, you.  We intend to have a vibrant and interactive social media presence.  We have added a person to our team who will interact with our customers via social media.  We will provide a regular stream of updates and quick responses to your questions.  Find us on social media today. 


Viking Pipe and Supply is full of story tellers.  Some of the tall tales that are told around here are very easy to recognize as untrue and others leave you scratching your head and wondering if we are pulling your leg or not.  I will let you decided if this story is true or not.  Let's go way back to October TH, 1871.  There is a milk cow, minding her own business, she got slightly spooked, knocked over a lamp and caught the barn on fire.  The barn fire resulted in the Great Chicago Fire.  Fast forward 49 years and President Woodrow Wilson issued the very firs

As the calendar is quickly rolling towards January 1st, the Viking staff would like to ask: "Where has the time gone?"

They say that time flies when you're having a good time and that must be what has happened to this year. Our customers and vendors have made this year magical for us. Thank you.

Providing solutions is what we're about and our goal is to continually innovate and introduce products and services to our customers. We're very excited to intruduce a new line of valves into this area. C&C Industries has a Non-Freeze Tank Valve that is working in even the harsh northern climates of the USA. In response to customer requests to find a valve that will survive these locally cold temperatures, we're proud to offer this solution for your consideration.

As we all know, tornadoes have recently ravaged through Oklahoma and devastated hundreds of families. Here at Viking Pipe and Supply our hearts and prayers go out to each family affected by these tragedies. As the time of rebuilding begins, we must remember to stand together as a community and help in any way we can. One of the families affected is someone we care very deeply about here at Viking Pipe. One of our employees, Jose Donato, and his family were caught in the Moore, Oklahoma tornado’s deadly path. Luckily, they survived and were not hurt but they lost everything.

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